Glamour Workshop Series Ever want to be a glamour photographer?  Are you an aspiring glamour photographer trying to improve your techniques?  Or are you a glamour photographer looking for some useful tips and tricks?  Our glamour workshop series will not only improve your glamour photography skills, but in booking only Playboy models, it improves your skills in how to work with models.  The models will assist you and give you tips and tricks on how best to work with your models.


Lighting Workshop Series

Are you tired of using just natural light?  Do you feel constrained by not having control of your lighting situation?  Our lighting series of workshops will teach you basic lighting techniques as well as more advanced techniques using lighting modifiers.  Photography is all about light after all.



Private Lessons
Have you purchased an expensive DSLR and aren’t getting the pictures you want?  Are online instruction and workshops frustrating because they don’t answer your very specific questions?  Is there a  specific technique that you always wondered how to accomplish but even with all your efforts it doesn’t seem to quite work out?  That’s where our private lessons come in.  We focus on your specific needs or weaknesses in order to elevate your photography to the next level.