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Boise Idaho Fashion, Glamour & Boudoir Photography – Pic of the Day


A very happy and joyous Thanksgiving to everyone out there!

Today I wanted to feature someone very special to me.  He’s my psychiatrist, my personal trainer, my morality, my empathy, and most of all my best friend.  I’m thankful for him every single day!

He’s Tomo.

Tomo has been in my life for 13 of his 14 years.  He is a rescue dog but in more ways than one actually rescued me!

Here’s to you Tomo…hang in there bud!

Best looking model I've shot! :)

Best looking model I’ve shot! 🙂

Very annoyed that I take his picture so much!

Very annoyed that I take his picture so much!

He comes when I call him...sometimes!

He comes when I call him…sometimes!

Channeling his inner wolf!

Channeling his inner wolf!

Just striking a pose!

Just striking a pose


Tomo shocked that I told him “no”.

He's telling me it's lunch time!

He’s telling me it’s lunch time!