About Us

Don Taniguchi, Owner/Photographer

I am a Boise, Idaho based Professsional Photographer with one simple philosophy:  It’s about you and the art.  It’s that simple.

Although I’ve been taking photographs for over 20 years, I started Ronin Photography & Design in 2003 as a way to channel my passion for photography.  Since then I’ve grown as a photographer and have met so many wonderful clients along the way.

I have worked on projects in Seattle, Portland, and in my home of Boise, Idaho.  I’ll definitely travel to create the art if necessary.

I also have the honor of being the Digital Darkroom Editor for GlamModelz Magazine.  GlamModelz is a respected print & online magazine that honors Glamour photography and modeling with extremely high standards.  You can visit GlamModelz here.

Hopefully we can work together soon.

Don Taniguchi